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Spider Altar Cloth - Hand Dyed and Hand Printed

Spider Altar Cloth - Hand Dyed and Hand Printed

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Collaboration Project between myself and Susie Gourlay.
Read Susie's great write up below:
I am so very proud of these naturally dyed and screen printed cloths made as a collaboration between myself and Karli of Jessup's General Store (  I did the dyeing and she did the printing.  

This is a vintage linen mat dyed with indigo and turmeric and mordanted with iron and in an iron cauldron.  They were dyed on the full "Cold" moon in Dec 2020.  The giant spider is flanked with 2 fehu runes (wealth).

A lot of magickal intention went into making these cloths.  Here are the correspondences and magickal properties we included:

Indigo: (leaves)
- water element
- endings, binding, healing, Saturn

- fire element
- health, fertility, boundaries

- Horseshoes: luck, protection
- Keys: freedom, secrecy, trust, transition
- fire element, protection, strength, security, health, defense, grounding

- fire element
- authority, beauty, mental power, protection, psychic ability, secrete skills, transformation

- earth element
- generosity, growth, healing, luck, peace, renewal, wealth, nature spirits

Full Moon:
- action, energy, magick, power, transformation, wisdom, divination

Cold Moon:
- dedication/devotion, prosperity, strength, rebirth

- creation, spiral energy, wheel of the year, balance, death, creativity

Dimensions: 10.5" wide X 5" height