Our Space/ Room Rental

Our shop is located at 1811 Quebec Street in Regina, SK, Canada.  Our retail space is on the main floor and we have 2 rooms on the upper floor that are available for rental.  There is also a restroom on the 2nd floor. **This is not a scent free space so if you are sensitive, this might not be the place for you <3

Cozy Room/Reading Room

This space can be used for a place to come and work or hangout if you need to escape daily stresses!  It can also be used to do tarot readings, palm reading, tea leaf reading.  The space is available during our hours of operation:  Tuesday - Saturday from 10-5pm.

Cozy room rental fee $10 / day

Reading Room Rental $25 / Day 

* if the space is being used for profit, the fee is $25 / day

To book with us, please call (306)206-1316 or email info@jessupsgeneralstore.ca

The Healing Room

The Healing room comes with a massage table, bench and chairs.  This room can be used for Reiki and other healing treatments.  It is available for rental during our regular hours of operation: Tuesday - Saturday from 10-5pm.

The rental fee is $25 / day

To book please call us at (306)206-1316 or email info@jessupsgeneralstore.ca