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Snake Candles for Transformation | Jessups General Store

Snake Candles for Transformation

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These candles are hand carved (so they all vary slightly in design), 10 inch tapers.  The burn really nice and clean.

Black - for a general unblocking.  If you feel blocked spiritually, foggy, unmotivated, use this candle to unblock yourself so that you are open to receiving greatness (because we all deserve greatness).

Green - for a transformation of abundance or healing.  If you feel you are being blocked from receiving abundance or healing old wounds or past traumas.

Orange - for blockages related to creativity or success.  Are you in a creative rut?  Can't reach the level of success that you deserve?  This candle is for you.

If you are unable to let the candle burn in one session, snuff out in between burning.  never blow out the candle or the wind will take the magic with it.